Gasping for air

A tidal breath
must move boulders
to let fresh winds blow.


One of the hardest things to do is to forgive, to learn to love again despite the repeated disappointments. Being led to believe one thing, or a number of things, then have everything you build and counted on based on all that pulled from under you, leaving you not only with nothing, but coming out of it the “bad guy”.

This isn’t about fault finding, not really, cause you can mostly just blame yourself. But how do you come out of it less scarred, less cynical, less angry, less vengeful at the world and yourself? How do you come out of it with high hopes for hope, when most everything you learned to hope for about good, justice, love, fairness turns out not to be?

How do you move forward into becoming a best version of yourself when the good version brought nothing but pain, heartache and disappointment?




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