first rites

she got hit by a bus
that fine day he took the car for a spin.
around the block to buy satè beef noodles
from the little store in the alleyway

that night, dama de noche spilled from the trellis
a fragrant moon covered the ground
petals tiptoed the pond
and little fish lips kissed them

I’d have drowned
not for air
but for tears
and salted knees

they glanced at us with iron
a bamboo stick drew blood from our backs
you left for a dream
and us in cold water

i still buy chips
coffee beans in bulk
i give them away
buy more

soil worked its way in between my nails
it washes off in the streams
rocks no longer draw blood

the hot sun
the cold water
a clean breath
and me

it is always today
every other time never was

i am always here
far away from you


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