Color expansion view

So it’s been roughly four months since my first post, and this apparent love affair with the internet creative energy via my online persona has been quite productive. Writing out the mess in my crowded brain has put things in a much clearer perspective. And the personal growth in developing the one poem per day habit has definitely woken up the artistic side of me.

Aside from writing, I have discovered another suitable way for me to channel this wave of pent-up emotion.

I recently downloaded an app called Sketches Pro and in doodling around with it for the past week, made some pretty interesting images.

One person that led me to explore this avenue is some poet-therapist-artist-guru type personality called Silent Lotus, over at the site. I wouldn’t say he encouraged me or anything. It was more of the highbrow, elitist way that he seem to have about him and that same apparent regard he treated me with, made me realize, “What the heck. I’m gonna go do what it is that I want to do, how I want to do it, regardless how you criticize me, my writing, or not.”

So I continue to write, but am now adding this development to enhance that.

I won’t claim to be an artist, or a poet, or a writer, and I never claim to be able to look at art or a piece of writing the way it is “supposed to be” appreciated. All I know is whether I like the piece and why I like the piece, sans criticism on what good or bad art is.

But in the same way I like to write, I also find it enjoyable to doodle. I’ve done a few drawing in my younger years. The first (and probably only) real encouragement I got was from an uncle who happily announced that I had a talent to draw after I had finished drawing Barney from a Cocoa Pebbles cereal box back in the late 80s.


Yeah, that blonde guy.

And the last few one I did was from copying the front page illustrations of my brother’s comic book collection during the 90s.

Never really sure what happened to those pictures, or those characters.

But now is a completely new thing. There is no way I’m going to invest on art material and space to keep them in. So in an App Store promo to download a free drawing application, these are the first three doodles I’ve saved.

Sketch 1. Drops on edge

sketch1Sketch 2. Speck-ule


Sketch 3. Watercolor flower

watercolor plant

Admittedly, not the finest kind of digital art there is.

Four months, 26 posts, 61 view, 5 follows, and a new endeavor. I have a long way to go and do hope you continue to come along for the ride. Learning is part of the fun.

Thank you for reading, thank you for liking, and thank you for being awesome.



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