unsung songs of Magda : Solomon has left the building

1    After the footprints in the sand have washed away.

1                                         Beloved,
`                               watch as you steal away the shadows
`                                        and turn restless murmurs of the tides
`                               into seabirds, echoing their hunt into the offing.

2                                       Gather into your arms
`                               the lingering sobs of past indiscretions
`                                       and trespass the metal gate
`                               with drill bits and welding rods.

3                                      Enter, unburdened,
`                               unquiet, entranced, enforced
`                                       and sound — en masse — the bells
`                               to awaken new morn in old beginnings.

4                                     Softly, take hold
`                              the silence of longing,
5                                     this speck under a thousand skies
`                              laid waste on cold granite and dried sorrows.

2   In a night made of candle wax.

1                                     Beloved,
`                              the wooden panels above the mantle piece
`                                     are shorn away by termites.
2                              Air rings cold
`                                      and plasticine covers the window cracks

3                              Our bed is made for forgetting
`                                      and sheets sewn in innocence.

4                             Trodden yet willful we run
`                                      beyond forest,
`                                      and into crags.
5                             We discover fingerprints
`                                      released into lines that mark our palms.

6                            Soon, dust settles into day.
7                                     We are blinded
`                             by having lived in black.

3   The mountain shall speak in thunder and silence

1                              Do not tread
`                                         on poisoned vines, my love.
2                             Tightropes are spread between us
`                                         to keep our ways from loss.

3                             We shall walk into the desert
`                                        and find ourselves far beneath
`                             the thinning clouds that signal the end of summer,
4                                       if only to harden you with strife.

5                            We are forged in the valleys
`                                        and hilltops,
`                             with the blood of the earth
`                                        where my brothers lie wait to mislead your sisters.

6                            Then, come into the garden
`                                        away from the rocks,
7                                       where stone is set smooth in clear springs
`                             and do not harm the soles where you stand.

4 The failure of pillars

1                                      Beloved, would you
`                              slay the Behemoth and the Leviathan
`                                      after they devour the last of my breath
2                             then bid me to harvest
`                                      wild fruits and fresh dew in high noon ?

3                             Tainted we are, in these picture perfect photographs
`                                      hung low on walls and ceilings,
4                             splayed on the ground
`                                      for the affectations of our kin.

5                             You have branded me
`                                       by a kindling of passion,
6                             and a desolation
`                                       that hesitates to hear
7                             your echo hidden
`                                       across the empty constellations.

5  The rock was struck twice.

1                             Fair one, be not afraid
`                                       to walk dirtied amid the maidens,
`                             the comely, the lithe,
2                                      and I will attest among their daughters
`                             the spirited, sensuous
`                                       strings of flesh bury themselves
3                             with the guise that do favour princes and kings,
4                                       bow to a crown of white petals
`                             and rose oil that emerge from the harvest sun.

5                            We will see the light as newborns
`                                      no longer abandoned in wild places.
6                            We will not forage on dry twigs
`                                     hanging from cracks
`                             of concrete slabs and brick walls.

7                                     So do I enter the garden,
`                              anointed by your springs.


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