discovering new (w)rites

I’ve recently re-discovered one of the oldest ways to deal with frustrations — to write.

I’m not an avid reader or writer or blogger. I just do what needs to be done, and in this case, keep myself from going bat-shit nuts. Since I’m no artist, musician or performer, the most plausible way for me to deal, is to just write.

It may be crap most times, but maybe once or twice, this vapid brain of mine just might surprise me and produce something genius!

So I registered myself to some online forums and rummaged around the creative writing and poetry sections. First was this free international site I found via search engine. The top of the list for free sites seem to be “dating” sites, and being a virtual newbie, I decided to take a dip and see what this invisible world was like.

So here I was in a sea of virtual cornucopia, surrounded by topics of interest and non-interest and started reading into my first “thread” not even knowing it was called a thread. I people-watched and got myself weirded out and horribly surprised by the “posts” and “comments” and “quotes” I read. The topics ranged from the asinine one-tracked derogatory sexual, racial and cultural stereotypes (trolling, I soon learned), to more well thought-out logic and reasonings of philosophy, science and humanities to domestic ideas and stories of cooking, pets, and gardening.

I looked into these “virtual beings”.  I needed to distract myself and occupy my thoughts from those feelings of becoming some sort of crazy hermit or cat lady. So I began the my anonymous online account and eventually started my own “topic”, followed by another, then another, until I was hooked on this fantasy connection you get from communicating with people you’ll never meet.

It was a liberating experience. Little snippets of my ire were out and about, and I saw that it was acceptable — completely normal!

Soon I was building up my personal thread and gaining more confidence in my silent voice. With time, I discovered and explored several other categories, forums on religion, poetry, humanities, sciences, etc. And like regular life, some people were jerks and jerkettes (obviously!), so-so (ok, but too different from me), and some are simply blessings to know. Plus additional knowledge by registering to (free!) online classes recommended by members of certain sites.

So here I am now, in this timeline of catharsis and discovery of self, ready to write whatever that comes to mind.

Come back soon. I’d love to here from you. 🙂



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